All-round advice, tailored specifically to your business.

Flamand takes your business operations to the next level. Our in-house accountancy, legal, tax and corporate finance specialists provide support and detailed advice so that you can respond more rapidly.

  • Accountancy

    As an accountancy firm, we are committed every day to compliancy checks on the figures in your files, but you can also rely on our assistance in specific situations.

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  • Tax

    We provide you with detailed advice on all tax issues. Our tax advisers research every problem and anticipate potential opportunities.

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  • You can rely on our legal firm for bespoke support for your SME. Many issues can be avoided with a well-considered and preventative policy.

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  • Corporate Finance

    Major challenges and opportunities may present themselves at any moment. Our team provides guidance when you have decisions to make and takes a tactical and integrated approach.

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Your business,
our focus.

Our accountancy firm is made up of 25 proactive experts. They are up to date with the latest developments within their fields. We provide professional support to your firm with our all-round approach.

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