Corporate Finance

A company takeover, restructuring, succession, financing, investment, risk analysis…these are all important challenges and opportunities that may present themselves at any moment. When they do, it is good to know that you have a steady partner that will advise and guide your decision-making with a tactical and integrated approach.


All-round corporate finance advice

Our corporate finance advisers support you with the daily compliance matters of your business. We bundle the essential information into a relevant financial report and explain it to you in a comprehensible manner. This means that you are perfectly up to date about the financial health of your company.

Are you starting a company or are you planning a company takeover? We carry out an investment and risk analysis for each investment so you have a realistic estimate of the feasibility of the investment and the return you can expect.

Would you like to know which financial resources you can deploy for a new project or for your next investment? If so, we can calculate the required cash flow. If the process involves a bank loan, then we will develop an optimum proposal. This will enable you to go to the bank with an incontestable case.

At Flamand, we combine corporate finance with various other services in order to offer you all-round advice. Please also take a look at our legal and tax services.

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