It is essential to think ahead clearly in the legal world. Preventative legal advice and a good policy can help you avoid many problems and any protracted and expensive legal proceedings that may ensue. You can depend on us for legal advice that is tailored to your SME. We can also help you with asset planning and we will look with you at the most appropriate methods.

Legal advice that adds value

Our legal advice can take many different forms. For instance, we can edit minutes from board or shareholders’ meetings. If you prefer, we can also fully take over your corporate administration so that you can be sure that everything is expressed correctly and in a balanced manner.

When starting up a company or amending the articles of association, we act as the first line of contact with the civil-law notary. If required, we can sit beside you when you draft and negotiate family and shareholders’ agreements.

We always draft, negotiate or reread a contract with the greatest precision. Our legal specialists have years of experience with various types of contracts, such as franchising, distribution, takeovers and lease contracts.

But that is not all. Our corporate finance department will be pleased to advise you on any new opportunities and our accountancy department will keep your bookkeeping up to date.


Do you have any questions?

Please contact us. We will be pleased to provide further assistance.